Engine testing, Component testing, In-cell Equipment

For more than one decade SCHWARZ Sondermaschinen has been driven by customer needs to deliver cost e cient and reliable testing systems for automotive assemblies embodying state-of-the-art solutions.

Our client list re ects our increasing reputation, including some of the world‘s leading vehicle and component manufacturers and developers. 

We are your „One Stop Shop“ for special testing application with extensive know-how for component-, end of the line- and enginetests. Working in prosperous cooperation with our partners we provide engineering, design and systems integration.

SCHWARZ Motortest – Performance Test Bench, Leistungsprüfstand, End-of-line-Prüfstand Modulares Spannplattensystem/Fundamentsystem Motorstützen für die Prüfstandsausrüstung Hubtische für den Motortest Motorwagen für den sicheren Prüflingstransport Komplette Prüfzellenausrüstungen für Motortest-Prüfstände Geschleppter Motorprüfstand für dynamische Untersuchungen

The range of our products comprises:

  • conditioning units for lubricating oil,
  • conditioning units for intake air and
  • conditioning units for coolant,
  • tailored dynamometer test benches,
  • docking systems and
  • engine trolleys. 

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