Seit vielen Jahren ist die Firma SCHWARZ auf dem Gebiet der Medienkonditionierung für Verbrennungsmotoren aktiv. Zum Portfolio gehören stationäre und mobile Konditionierungen für Motorkühlwasser, Schmieröl und Ansaugluft verschiedener Leistungsklassen.


  • Engine trolley for heavy duty purpose,
  • Manual move,
  • Swivel/fixed castors,
  • Welded steel chassis, powder-coated,
  • Integrated guidung rollers for mono rail,
  • Manual docking system with pull action latch clamps,
  • Adjustable engine supports of swivel/straight design,
  • Four-point arrangement of engine support,
  • Optional supply for lubricating oil/coolant on board,
  • Mass of test object: max. 2,000 kg,
  • Outer dimension of trolley: 3.0 × 1.5 × 0.4 m (L × W × H),
  • Weight: 750 kg.


  • Modular engine supports for mounting of small block assemblies/complete engines on trolleys,
  • Applicable for hot-/cold tests,
  • Durable design, optimized stiffness,
  • Heavy-/light duty purpose,
  • Swivel-/straight design,
  • Tailored height/swivel angle of unit,
  • Mass of test object: max. 2,000 kg
  • Height adjustment by self locking trapezoidal spindle,
  • Integrated measurement of height position,
  • Height range: 70 mm … max. 500 mm
  • Easy and safety handling.


  • Adjustment for electric motor/ brake to adapt variable levels of center axis,
  • Proven design for high stiffness and overload capacity,
  • Manually moveable on clamping plate to adapt variable distances to flywheel of test object,
  • Range of center axis: 200 mm … max. 1,200 mm,
  • Lifting capacity: max. 3,000 kg,
  • Power range of electric motor: appr. 50 … 500 kW,
  • Lifting unit: self-locking trapezoidal spindles in tandem configuration,
  • Power unit: electric gear motor, variable speed control,
  • Accuracy of height adjustment: < ± 0,1 mm,
  • Easy handling.


  • Adjustment of center of flywheel of test engine in X-Y-Z coordinates,
  • Re-calibration according to topical shaft alignment of the break of the test bench,
  • Fast mounting via guiding bolts and pull action latch clamps,
  • Measuring range:
    X: ± 50 mm
    Y: ± 75 mm
    Z: ± 100 mm
  • Repeatability: ± 1 mm,
  • Delivery including tailored mandril/transportation carriage/adaptors for mounting onto trolley/docking devices,
  • Upgradable with laser based rack setting gauge LAS260.

Komplette Prüfzellenausrüstungen

Upgrading/modification/(re)construction of test cells:

  • Engineering and design,
  • Double bottom installation,
  • Media supply,
  • Tailored fundamental plates (steel/mineral casting),
  • Vibration damping systems,
  • Base for electric motor/brake, optional: height adjustment,
  • Electric motors 50 … 500 kW, electrical cabinet,
  • Driving shaft arrangement, safety shaft cover,
  • Engine trolley docking systems (man./auto), tailored rails,
  • Engine trolleys/ -supports, light and heavy duty purpose,
  • Mechanical alignment systems for test objects,
  • Stationary conditioning units for lubricating oil/coolant,
  • Swivel boom, housing for measuring transformers.